Friday, March 20, 2009

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I have reached, time and again, for a book that my only child could relate to. I have purchased several books about the only child only to find that they reinforced the stereotypes of the only child. I wanted a book that was positive! That spoke of the love of the family of three and the beauty of families no matter what the size. This prompted me to write “We're Three: A Story About Families and the Only Child.” It is a sweet, rhyming story that is beautifully illustrated by Christina Simcic. It is an interactive book that allows the child to draw on the blank pages to personalize the book for his or her own special family. It is a keepsake for your child and the beginning of a pictorial journal for them to behold. If you are interested in checking it out here are some of the current reviews. If you'd just like to discuss only child issues I'd look forward to a reply!


Rating: Five Stars"There are all kinds of families in this great big world. Some are big with lots of kids… and some are small, with not too many or simply none at all." Did you know that the single-child family is the fastest growing type of American family? Yet, when author Vivian Cameron-Gallo, the mother of an "only child," sought a children's book that represented her daughter Ava, she found only a few and those had a melancholy tone with negative stereotypes. Therefore, inspired by her own family of three, she wrote this endearing little book to make the single child feel "normal" and part of something bigger – a family. The gentle, flowing verse makes for easy reading, and the colorful drawings by Christina Simcic add visual beauty to the text. I think that We're Three is a very beneficial and useful book, and it has my hearty endorsement.

Rating: Five Stars
“We’re Three” is a beautifully written and illustrated book. I truly enjoyed reading it to my son and sharing the message of how special a family of three is. He especially loved the interactive aspect of the book and drew his own interpretation of our unique family of three. The playful words and colorful illustrations made it fun to turn every page. I loved every “bit” of it!
Christine Pitaccio, Peekskill, NY FOR: THE ONLY CHILD PROJECT

Rating: Five Stars
A Charming and Delightful Story about the Love of Family,
This is such a delightful story about family! Although written primarily for those who are "only" children, the story exudes an even more poignant message: the strong bond of love that exists in a family, no matter how large or small! The story's message is complemented through the artist's unique and charming illustrations. Children and adults of all cultures will certainly enjoy and identify with the lovely images in this book. Children especially, will enjoy the interactive pages the author has so thoughtfully provided. How wonderful that they can truly call this book their own by drawing pictures that relate to their own family! Kudos to the author and illustrator on a wonderful story…for young, and old alike. Look forward to future books by these women! P.S. This would make a lovely holiday gift for that special little girl or boy who is an only child, and needs to know how special they truly are!

Rating: Five Stars A uniquely written and beautifully illustrated book. My daughter especially liked the interactive aspect of the book that made it so personal. It will be a definite keepsake in our family."
Happy Mom "Beth", Mohegan Lake, NY FOR: TARGET.COM

Rating: Five Stars
My niece really enjoys the book! She loves that she is able to draw on the blank pages in the book to personalize it further for herself. What a great book to let an only child explore how much fun being an only child can be!
Valerie Guagliano, Hamilton, Bermuda FOR: AMAZON.COM

Rating: Four Stars
I am a mother of an only child. This is a wonderful book for pre-school and elementary school aged children. It gives them an understanding and sense of what other "only children" might feel. It also allows them to realize that they are not alone. The interactive pages are fun and inspirational.
Barbie “Only Child Mom”, Yorktown Heights, NY FOR: TARGET.COM

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